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Who are we?

About us

We’re Joel and Nix. A UK couple who quit our 9-5 corporate jobs, sold most of our stuff and set off on a year-long adventure, making it our mission to veer as far off the beaten track as much as we possibly can to seek out sights and experiences that we wouldn’t be able to get from the usual backpacking trip or holiday. 


Both free spirits, lovers of travel and getting lost in random places, we'd each travelled a lot of the globe before we met but neither of us had ever covered the Americas and never with a tiny 4X4 van as our home. 


The idea of being able to wake up each day without a pre-planned route and to stumble across places that we wouldn’t usually get the chance to uncover is one of the things that we’re most excited for. 


We want to give an honest account of what it’s like to live out of a tiny 4X4 van, the challenges, the adventures and the highs. 


We hope our story can inspire others to follow their own dreams whatever they may be.

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