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Rex is our Mitsubishi Delica L400 (Space Gear), basically a 4x4 van. We bought him as a normal van and carried out the conversion into an expedition / campervan with friends, family and our supporters.

Rex explained


for water crossings

All-terrain tires

Rear swing arm

Carries gas, jerry can and spare wheel

Roof tent

extra space

100 watt solar panel x2

Diesel heater

fed from main fuel tank


access to roof tent

Secondary fuel cell

transfer to main tank

Light bar



The camper conversion

The campervan conversion took about two months and was a lot more work than we thought it would be. Whether it was figuring out the electrics or adding the insulation, or building the internal framework for the units. Everything had its own challenges and delays, but we are very happy with the result! You can see the transformation on our Facebook photo album here.

We still haven't completed it to 100% yet! We will do in the first week of the trip.

Why a Delica?

Our criteria for choosing a Delica was simple. 1) We wanted 4x4, 2) we wanted some form of living space and 3) we had a tight budget.

The Delica L400 was the only viable option for us. Yes you can get a cheap 4x4 sprinter, but there arn't really 4x4s and are not built for off-road. Yes we could be a beastie 4x4 IVECO which would look like a apololypse wagon, but that would we well outside our budget. As it turned out, the Delica is amazing albeit a tight fit for a campervan, it is built for off-road and is affordable. Not to mention, due to its age, its a lot easier to fix that a modern vehicle which is usually jammed packed under the hood. 

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